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Hi! My name is Felix 👋

I am a Software Engineer with a keen passion for computing technologies. I have over 4 years professional experience using OOP programming(Python, JavaScript, C++, Java) along with their frameworks.

About Me

I am a highly skilled Software Developer and Engineer with four years of experience in building large-scale web services, caching layers, performance tuning, debugging, and development. I have a strong background in Python, JavaScript and Java with a proven track record in software architecture. I understand web technologies at the protocol level up through the stack.

I have experience using Django, Flask, React and ExpressJS, which gives me an advantage. In addition to my technical skills, I am adept at client consultation, writing effective and clean code, and collaborating effectively with other developers.

I am a passionate software developer and consider myself a valuable asset with a demonstrated "big picture" perspective. I also have the capacity to work at a detailed level across a wide range of technologies and methodologies.




JavaScript, TypeScript

React, Next.JS

Django, Flask

API Development

AWS, GCP, Vercel

Databases: DynamoDB, MySQL

Object Relational Mapping



Code Fundi

Code Fundi is an AI coding assistant that helps developers write better code faster. With our service, you can cut down development time by eliminating the need to manually browse the web looking for solutions and instead, have the solutions generated directly in your code editor.


Elevenlabs NPM Package

A JavaScript based, open source NPM package that wraps around the Elevenlabs public API and is used to convert text to speech.



This is a conversational bot for tiktok livestreams built on ChatGPT. It uses the OpenAI API to generate responses, turns the responses into a vocal audio response and then responds to live stream events using the generated audio.


M-Kono Prosthetic Hand

A prosthetic hand controlled using an Android Application and an Arduino board. The project entailed receiving and interpreting vocal user commands using an Android application and converting it into hand motions using an Arduino board, servos and a 3D printed prosthetic hand. It was developed for my fourth year project.



I developed a Twitter bot that shares Swahili proverbs and their translations as tweets. In the spirit of staying authentic to my roots, I chose to create the bot using a Swahili programming language called Swahili-lang and a little bit of JavaScript to help with the tweet posting.


Compliment Bot

A Python based Twitter bot that posts motivational tweets and automatically responds to users live on Twitter. The bot also sends direct messages and personalised tweets to its followers.

Hobbies & Interests

Felix Waweru headshot

I enjoy making art 🎨, watching tv 📺, anime 🗾 and gaming 🎮.

In my spare time you can either find me hanging out with my dog or writing cool coding projects.

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